Growing Runner Beans

Children at Fig Tree love getting involved in planning, planting, caring for, harvesting and eating our tasty vegetables! If you are planning to start growing veg at home with your child a firm favourite here is our runner beans.

Runner beans are easy to care for, love being watered, grow impressively tall and have beautiful flowers. There is still time to get planting runner beans as they grow best when sown in April to July. Give them plenty of space and train them on to wires or a support frame made from sticks and they will take around two months to grow.

We love that runner beans need regular picking as we always have eager helpers at the ready. They will continue to grow when well watered, meaning that we have a constant steady supply of these tasty veggies throughout the summer.

If you don't have a lot of space at home you can grow a compact variety of runner beans "Hestia" in a pot which will still offer a fantastic supply of beans throughout the summer.

If you need some ideas and inspiration for gardening with your child we love this book "The Children's Garden" by Matthew Appleby for fun and creative ideas to discover and engage with the wonders of the outdoors.

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